Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co.,Ltd.
ADD: NO.90-101, Sunban South Rd., Jimei North Ind. Dist., Xiamen 361021, China
TEL: +86-592-6196710 6106688
FAX: +86-592-6686063 6106678
E-mail: [email protected]
International Sales
TEL: +86-592-6196710
FAX: +86-592-6686063
E-mail:intl[email protected]
Marketing & Sales Network

Hongfa Europe partners with a network of qualified Authorized Distributors. Click on your territory to receive the contact data of the Hongfa Europe Distributors, authorized for your territory! For other countries, please contact the Hongfa Europe Headquarter:

Hongfa Europe GmbH
Marie-Curie-Ring 26, 63477 Maintal, Germany
+49 (6181) 43 06-0, [email protected]

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